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Disciple Course

Table of Contents

Welcome to our Disciple Course. In these teachings you will undergo a strategic learning process, that will teach you how to implement tools of spiritual battle and understanding into your everyday life. After each group of teachings you will have  a quiz that will need to be completed. Upon completion of each quiz we will grade and email your results (keeping a file of your completed quizzes at our office) once you’ve completed all teachings and quizzes, you will be ready to take the final exam. Upon completion and grading of exam we will send you a certificate of completion for the course.

1. Welcome to the Kingdom of God/Spiritual Laws

2. Discipline/Exchange to Change

3. Key to Consistency/Counting the Cost

4. Law of the Spirit/Worship

5. Freedom is Learned/ Trinity

6. Saved or Born Again/Function and Receiving

7. Kingdom Living/Tongues for the Children

8. Way Truth and Life/Priest Before Warrior

9. Entrance Port to Eternity/ Converting the Soul

10. True Repentance/Levels of Conversion

11. Conversion Process/Making the Unseen Seen

12. Stop Justifying/Fight or Run

13. Pray the Price/Renewing the Mind

14. Creating New Memories/First Strike

15. Weapons of God/Keys to the House

16. Don’t Go There/Birth of Self

17. The Flesh/Dismantle of Self

18. Demons/Personal Walls

19. Spiritual Oppression/Breaking Through the Natural

20. Temptation/Test of Endurance

21. Joy of Obedience/Lie of Always Saved

22. Accursed Items/Spiritual Protocol

23. Discipline’s Reality/Divine Order

24. Spiritual Gifts/Restraining Evil

25. End-Time Delusions/Sin of Presumption

26. Ministry of the Spirit/Seeing It Through

27. Hearing It Through/Ruling Voice

28. Backed By The Anointing/Walk It Out

29.Spirit of Rejection/Spirit of Addiction

30. Blood Before Spirit/Covenant Tongue

Once course & quizzes are completed, we ask that you’d review your material and take our final exam (Please e-mail us). Once the Final Exam is collected, we can upon preference either mail, or e-mail your certificate of completion for our online discipleship course.




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